Been around the world and MC Jin

This is what I’ve been doing in these past weeks. Been out in Hong Kong and stopped by Singapore to see some friends. Stop sittin’ at your desk crunching numbers in a cubicle. Cuz broke ass people like me is living the life and going international!

Go get yourself a passport and use it, you guys won’t regret it.

And while I was there I copped MC Jin’s new cd, Homecoming.

Its his second all Cantonese album, released by Catch Music Group. I popped it in and opened up my ears. The music has a completely different feel from all of his previous albums, and it makes sense. He’s a born-again Christian and got married all within these past 3 years or so. The album has a really warm and welcoming sound to it (sometimes a bit poppy). He never really goes hard in the album. Its all very mellow and personal. Overall I like a couple of the songs but I think his ABC album was better (maybe because I’m an ABC too…).

And why I am taking time to talk about Jin? Well..because 10 years ago this Chinese dude from Miami showed up on BET and tore the stage up, reppin it for us Asians. Yea…that was 10 years ago, but all of us can still remember his battles and his lines. Fast forward to the present and this dude is a Hip Hop star in HK, not to mention an actor as well. He’s found success overseas, and maybe one day he’ll be back in the US officially. So I leave you with this…aiyah!


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Dumb Lyrics

For you people that are Asian rap skeptics…open up your ears and take a gander

this ain’t new, but its by far one of my favorite raps from Dumbfoundead.
if your an aspiring rapper, start taking some notes

And since we talking about DFD
He’s gunna be one of the MC’s and guest performers at this year’s Kollaoration NY

Its an Asian-American event that promotes the youth to be more creative and to reach for the stars. So go cop yourselves some tickets and lets build up the community.  Dynasty will be up in this event, supporting and showing love to our fellow yellow brethren.


For more info on Kollaboration NY, click HERE

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Who said Asians can’t ball??

My Chinese brethren schools and dunks on Lebron AND a 3-pointer in Lebron’s face!
My lord…

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This month, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER debuts!, in November, ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3! then next year, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES! and THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN! and THE AVENGERS! so yeah. I’m doing YOU the favor of putting all the teasers/trailers/secret footage up here. you’re welcome.

Captain America : First Avenger Trailer

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 – 12 new characters!

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser

The Amazing Spiderman Teaser

The Avengers Teaser (Shakycam)
Click the link cuz I dunno how to embed this weird vid…

Any other super hero hype going on?

IM out

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Are We There Yet??

Happy Birthday America, hope everybody gotten their fill of bbq cuz I think I need like 1 week at least! hah

just bumpin some motivation music, check it:

Dumbfounded – Are We There Yet


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The Big Apple Comic-Con 2011

Arthur and I hit up the mini Comic-Con here in the Big Apple this past May 21, 2011.  I’ll let the pictures and videos do the talking.

Intro Video! IZZYMAN GO!

photo by steph k (




Tom Felton! (DRACO MALFOY)

Kristanna Loken! (TERMINATOR THREE)


Phil Ortiz, artist from the Simpsons Season 1 – 2 and the comics!

Jerry Robinson (CREATOR OF THE JOKER!)

G-MAN! (Can’t remember the artist, but still dope!)


that’s all folks.

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Enter the 4th Chamber….Again

Just a while back I was talking about where’d all the old Asian Hip-Hop heavyweights go? Minus Jin and Decipher most of the cats have went away and many newer younger guys stepped up. Then I was browsing around one day and ended up on Chan’s (Snacky Chan/Big Chan) facebook and found that he was putting out new music! So I was excited and discovered this……

the Asian 4th Chamber is BACKKK!!

Back when Jin just got his Ruff Ryder deal he made a remix of the 4th Chamber featuring other Asian rappers that appeared on his mixtape, the Definition of History. The track, at least to me, is a classic when it comes to Asian American Hip-Hop. Pay your respects cuz these guys are some of the originals. Lets keep the movement alive!

oh yea, and if you never heard of the 4th Chamber then here ya go:
enjoy and peace

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